Saturday, 18 June 2011

Friday My Town: Fishing Day


Hey, there’s a fish in my bathtub!


More than one, actually.


One Saturday a few weeks ago we could see these fish in a big tub in the Town Square in connection with an environment theme day. They were bred at a fish-farm to be put out in a lake or river.


I will be taking a break from the Picture Book blog for a while. Explanation to be found at my other blog Beyond the Lone Islands. In the next few weeks I’m more likely to turn up on that blog than here. I had this post half-prepared though, having “saved” these pictures especially for the fishy FMTSO theme… ;)


  1. these are awesome, that litle girl is adorable. another great thing done in your town and captured for us by YOU. see you when you get time

  2. What a strange sight, I never know what's going to turn up in your town next. Since it's an environmental thing, I guess the fish are not to buy and cook!

  3. My favourite has to be the one of the little girl - so cute!

  4. Thanks for saving these; they are perfect. I wonder what kind of fish those are. And I hope you come back again because I always enjoy your photos!

  5. It's great that someone is doing something for the environment!

  6. I love the little girl peeking over the edge through her hat! cute.

  7. I did not get to take part in the Fishing session but am visiting. Love the shot of the little miss.
    Great job.


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