Monday, 13 June 2011

Mosaic Monday: Dawn

2011-06-07 dawn3

I’m rarely up at dawn – which is really early here this time of year – but one night I happened to be out of bed just before 4 a.m.; only half awake, but as I glanced out of the window, these colours met my eye; and I grabbed the camera that was sitting on my kitchen table…

One of the four photos in this collage was ‘mirrored’ in Paint Shop to get a better balance in the total picture.

But even without such tricks, it is exciting to zoom in silhouettes against an early morning sky… Looking at the same views in the daylight, these photos still seem to half belong to a “dreamland” existing only in that magic moment when I took them!


~ ~ ~

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  1. these are beautiful, i love black shadows againt the morning sky and see the sunrise very day. our sky looks like this about 6;15 am now. what time does your sun go down, ours goes down at 8:30 so we have 14 hours of daylight this time of the year.

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  3. The colours are so lovely, nice that you were able to capture the sunrise,it does have a 'dreamlike' effect at that time in the morning, like another world.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Beautiful mosaic of dawn! Just lovely and thank you for sharing them.

  5. If sunrise were before 4 a.m., I'd not see it either. What a special treat you found by being wakeful at that early hour. Exquisite.

  6. I have NEVER gotten a picture of the sunrise! I sleep most of the morning! These are beautiful. The first is my favorite because of the deep intensity of the colors.

  7. Beautiful shots of a magical time of day.


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