Monday, 18 July 2011



I see this hare every now and then around where I live and in the old cemetery close by. Usually it’s hard to get close enough to get a good photo, but today he seemed lost in contemplation for a moment, and I managed to zoom him in.

There are also wild rabbits living in a railway bank nearby, and I saw several of those today as well. But they were more alert and too quick for me.

The hare is much bigger than the rabbits. I think he’s a ‘loner’. In the daytime I’ve often seen him in the cemetery; at night I sometimes see him from my window, grazing on the lawn below, when it’s quiet and no people around. In the winter, I watched him digging into the snow to get at the grass buried beneath.


  1. Monica, very well done. Hares are quick. They are loners. Watch for him in spring and he will be defending his territory. It is a wonderful sight...they stand up and box with their front feet.

  2. I'm thinking he's either Bigwig or General Woundwort.

  3. oh wow, he is wonderful. i would spend all my time looking out your window, your description was so good I felt like I was watching him dig in the snow and i felt a little cooler.


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