Thursday, 21 July 2011

You’re All Invited!


A fanfare to celebrate ‘The Grand Re-Opening’!

Did you have trouble accessing this blog yesterday? I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice myself until luckily one of my most faithful followers alerted me to the fact. To me everything looked all right, because I was logged in. However, I had been going over some settings, and in connection with that I must have happened to inadvertently change my permission settings from public to ‘invited readers only’. Since I had not invited anyone, that meant that for a day or so this blog was visible only to myself!

I assure you, even if I have had to cut down a bit on regular posting lately, I had no intention of withdrawing into total seclusion!

If you missed yesterday’s post, it should now be visible here.


PS. Today’s picture is of our official summer street musicians who are playing daily in the streets and squares and shopping malls etc in the summer holiday season.


  1. So glad everything is all fixed! I have another follower who did the exact same thing!! I got scared that you were shutting down your blogs!! I love yesterday's post that I missed, I have never seen baby seagulls before!

  2. Ginny, I'm glad you alerted me to the fact something was wrong. I wouldn't just shut down my blogs (on purpose) without warning. Posting may be a bit irregular just now but I'm not thinking of giving it up! :)

  3. Good to see you back again and with a wonderful header. Well worth a band.

  4. i am ROFL about your fanfare and grand re opening. once i accidentally removed my comments section, someone emailed and said What you don't want comments any more? i did not even know i did it. welcome back even though you did not know you were gone.


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