Sunday, 31 July 2011

Who Is Watching Whom?




A couple of weeks ago I had a photo of a hare who often hangs around in this (urban) neighbourhood. (Follow the link to see him.) I then also mentioned that we have wild rabbits as well. This week I managed to “catch” a couple of those with the camera too. With the one above it was quite a challenging “staring game”… I know he saw me. But he did allow me to get closer - one very careful step at a time… But then suddenly I had overstepped the invisible line and he darted away into the shrubs behind…

Today I came upon another one, in the cemetery. He behaved in a similar way but was more wary than the one above, didn’t allow me to get as close. (Using the digital zoom for this picture.)




  1. Really good pictures! I have rabbit pictures, but none laying down like this! He must have been pretty trusting at first!

  2. both are really sweeties. i wonder if the first one had a hidden camcorder and was recording you to show his/her family down in the rabbit hole. LOL.

  3. This is very cool. I love these rare photos we get of animals behaving naturally.


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