Thursday, 7 July 2011

I Wish!!!


This is - and at the same time is not - my balcony.
The picture was taken using the panorama view on my camera.
In reality, I’m afraid the balcony has a much less interesting shape.
It is quite straight, four corners, no curves. And it is not huge.

What fascinates me with the panoramas is that they come out “the opposite” of the movement you do with the camera. That’s probably quite logical for someone with a technical mind, but I still can’t quite get my head around it! ;)


▲ Normal view, looking from one end to the other ▼



  1. well this is interesting, i have panorama on my coolpix but have not used it except on scenery once. it is odd how it grabbed it and bent it. now i will have to find something to try this. it would be nice to have a bent and beautiful and big balcony like the panorama shot. you get so much use out of your balcony with all your pretty plants and flowers.

  2. I haven't used my panorama abilities with any of my cameras. Actually, my husband just mentioned something about that function the other day and I told him that I could do it with mine, too, but never have.

    You've got me curious. I didn't realize that it would do that, as it did with your balcony. I might have to play a little today ;) Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

  3. I'm like Sandra; I used my Nikon's panorama on our river; it actually did have a bend so now...
    I agree a balcony like your panorama shot would be ever so lovely. :)

  4. Your balcony is just charming, I've always liked seeing what you have on it. I love the pretty little trellis and table. So odd how the panorama made it all big and curved!!

  5. I think your balcony is perfectly lovely as it is. Although the panarama view may make it more artistic. Interesting!

  6. It's a pretty spot in either view - I agree the curves make it more interesting but I guess it would be tricky to build them like that!


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