Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Dahlias


Red is only one of several different colours of dahlias in this park.

Has it ever struck you that really red flowers are among the most difficult to photograph? The colour stands out, no doubt… But the details often tend to get absorbed by the very intensity of the red.

It’s easier when there is a variety in hue or colour:


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  1. The second picture is gorgeous!! YES, what is it about red flowers?? They all blur up in the lens!! I have missed many pretty flower shots because of this.

  2. I could stare at them forever. So mesmerizing.

  3. Marvelous Dahlias... inspiring.

  4. What gorgeous dahlias... I was so excited about my hybrid green ones but they did not work out. Will try again next year. I agree with you about shooting the red flowers. My added problem, though, is unless it is a shady spot the light messes with the red and I end up with white splotches. Genie

  5. I'm somewhat relieved to hear that it's not just I who am having difficulties with the red flowers ;)

  6. love the first shot. A real blast of colour.

  7. The first photo is so lovely, so many dahlias of different colours, they are beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡


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