Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday My Town: Match A Quote


The Friday My Town Shoot Out challenge this week was:
Match a photo from your town with one of your favorite quotes.

I do this a lot at my other blog Beyond the Lone Islands
(the link will take you to posts labeled “quote”) …

This week unfortunately I haven’t had much time,
so I’m just posting one new “quotograph” here.
The photo was taken with my mobile
in a little park which I call Butterfly Park
(although it has another official name).

Wishing you all a sunny weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Good grief, you found a butterfly that exactly matches the color of the center of this flower, then you set him down there! It really looks like it was posed for, beautiful!

  2. It may only be one photo and one quotation but it's a lovely one. And with your mobile phone! Gosh.

  3. Yes - there is more to life even for butterflies. And an absolutely gorgeous photo.

  4. perfect! it is PERFECT! i love the quote and the little bit of flower the butterfly is having makes me smile. someone called them flying flowers and floating flowers, this is great Monica.

  5. In my humble opinion this is the best so far this week. I hope it gets highlighted on the FSO blog.

  6. I love butterflies!! Great match :)

  7. Such a wonderful quote. I think we all need a little sunshine, freedom and flower. Nice vibrant colors, so gorgeous. Your phone takes really nice pictures.

  8. Life is having people who will plant plants that butterflies like. In New Zealand, schools plant swan plants for the butterflies and the children learn the life cycle f butterflies.

  9. Thanks all for your kind comments. Sorry I got the link to my other blog wrong in the text - corrected now and should lead you directly to posts with the "quote" label only.

  10. What a beautiful capture and words to accompany.

  11. One of the best images I have seen this year. It's beautiful.

  12. perfect shot and a beautiful quote.


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