Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Watery Wednesday: Flamingos


Yes, still at the zoo ;) … The flamingos always seem to prefer the corner of their pond farthest away from the public, and in the sharp contrast between light and shadow on the day I was visiting, it was very hard to tell how my attempts to zoom them in would turn out until I got home and got the pictures up on the screen! I’m fascinated by how they can twist their necks like that… (below)


Watery Wednesday


  1. Your picture with the sun shining on them came out well! Not only the neck twisting, but the standing on one leg, wonder why they do that? I went to the safari park yesterday and it was a blast!!! No predators, though, because they all roamed together.

  2. I like the dappled light under the trees.

  3. they are amazing birds and it is also amazing to me they can live in Sweden. beautiful photos. here, the ones that live in the wild are not friendly but at Jungle gardens they love people because we get to feed them


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