Thursday, 11 August 2011

Friday My Town: Rust–Rusty-Rustic

2011-07-31 waterfall clematis dahlia lily

Clematis on rusty trellises in a little park beside the river.




Rusty rustic piece of art – at the entrance of a multi-purpose exhibition hall, former engine shed, still retaining the rustic style:


… where this old engine (no longer rusty!) also still proudly resides:


(Yes, those last two shots above are archive pictures from winter...)


Moving on to our open air museum with its collection of old buildings:

2011-07-31 Ramnasjön Ramnaparken

Rustic and somewhat rusty old cellar door.


(And don’t you start muttering about that pile of rubbish in front of the house, because that’s an old barrow - or at least a copy of one. Doesn’t really get much more rustic than that!)


Rustic kind of fence around old-fashioned vegetable patch


17th century cottage.

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  1. Wow - so much rusty and so much beauty :)

  2. These are wonderful. I was stunned at first by the juxaposition of colorful flowers on the rusty trellis and it only got better from there. And the final shot of the 17th century building was a perfect finale. Loved it all! Your subject matter is only matched by your execution.

  3. It even looks like rusty things are hanging up outside the window where the train is! I love all these pictures, but my favorite would have to be the last one, I have never seen anything like it! And some of those flowers even have rust colored stems!

  4. You certainly have some great photos this week!

  5. Great shots but I particularly like the green roof!

  6. This is perfection. I love all your photos and this 17th century house roof can become a vegetable patch too. Very beautiful!


  7. This is a Truly impressive post, so many stunning shots. Love them all but the last two have your unique stamp on them.

  8. Wow - that 17th century cottage is amazing. I presume it is in your area somewhere? And I love the rusty engine art work.

  9. If you put rusty cans at Hydrangea plants, the flowers will change from light color to dark color,

    I wonder, with your flower frames rusting, would it have the same effect?

  10. each time i scrolled to another photo, i thought this is my favorite today, all of these are perfect and wonderful to behold. but my favorite did turn out to be the last one. how cool is that? a house with grass on the roof. love it. and that fence and barn shot would be 2nd. the house with the barrow is beautiful. you hit the jackpot on rustic

  11. Absolutely entertaining post today. I watch a lot of BBC productions and have seen cottages with grass in some country. Great job.

  12. came back to say how much i like that cellar door and the close ups shots

  13. The collages are fantastic as are all your rustic/rusty captures.

  14. Wow, these are all fantastic. I really like that cellar door and the red house. The last two photos are pretty amazing too. You really captured the rustic and you did it very well.

  15. Ok...your rock...these were amazing..wonderful..can't choose a favorite! Ok..the house with the grass roof and the garden...and the hon!!!

  16. I am so enamored with the rustic cottage! It is fabulous! And the clematis on the rusty trellis are stunning!

  17. Nice juxtaposition with the climatus. I really like that grassy-roofed cottage at the end, too; can you imagine living in it? I bet it was cool in the summertime.

  18. Oh my goodness, girl, you've covered it all here. I absolutely am loving that cottage!!! So much.

  19. So many fantastic photos! Loved the flowers on the rusty trellis, but really enjoyed the open-air museum pics!!!

  20. I just adored the cellar door, it has so much to tell but it's keeping quiet and saving its secrets. What beautiful photos.

  21. wow! the last two are just fantastic. love the rustic fence.


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