Thursday, 4 August 2011

Friday My Town: Shooter’s Choice

The Friday My Town theme this week is Shooter’s Choice:
“Anything goes as long as it showcases your town.”

Can a walk around an old cemetery be said to showcase a town?!

If you doubt it – come along and see for yourself…

On a couple of occasions each summer an organized cemetery walk slash open air theatre takes place. These walks have become very popular and gather lots of spectators. This summer it took place on the cemetery closest to where I live. I missed the first “show” a few weeks ago, but luckily I was able to join when they gave a repeat performance last week.


This year they built the action around the fact that Borås is an old textile industry town.

So it all started with a seamstress in a textile factory, working on a special dress. 



Then we had to make way for the arrival of a horse and carriage.



Fabrics were being collected, but the poor seamstress had not yet finished her dress, which was a special order for a special person and special occasion. So she was told she’d have to deliver that in person.


The director of one of the first famous textile industries came to inspect the work at his factory. The scene was set at his grave.



The founder of another famous company arrived by car; and the two gentlemen spent a while discussing different views of how best to run a factory and both be efficient and keep the workers happy.


Then the seamstress had to go off and deliver that dress, and we all followed her along.


On her way she met more persons from the past.


Like a nurse who took the initiative to build a children’s hospital.


Finally we arrived at a place where they were shooting a movie, and were told we all needed to be really silent – because it was a silent movie… haha. This was near the grave of someone who went to America and became a Hollywood film star back in the early days of silent movies – unfortunately I forget her name now!




(Did they have mobile phones in the early 1900’s? Winking smile)

Anyway, it was for this movie star that the dress was made which was “the red thread” of the story… binding all those different scenes together. But in the end, of course the Film Star didn’t want the dress! Isn’t that just typical…!

* The End *



  1. A great story, good pictures I really enjoyed this post.

  2. this is really great, I liked every step of the way. a history lesson made fun. and yes it does showcase your town. you could post just about any or all of your photos because most of them do showcase your wonderful town

  3. This is wonderful, and I almost feel like I was there, so thank you for taking me along! I would have loved to see this. And I love the way they have so many different facets, yet the whole thing is tied together by history. Being set in the cemetery, the lives of some of the people buried there, what a grand idea!

  4. What a great way to re-learn history! I think my mom still have that kind of sewing machine and it's still works but already collecting dust. She now prefer to use the electric sewing machine.

  5. "living" history! great job, both your town and you!

  6. What an unexpected and different take -- Open air theater in a cemetary. This was a truly fascinating post and I walked through it, picture by picture, feeling like I was there! Great work. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. That's my Mother's sewing machine. i learn to sew with it,

  8. Oh that was such fun!!! What a great shootout!!! Sarah

  9. Marvelous idea ! I always have liked to visit the older sections of a cemetery and how interesting to have 'production' there to entertain and educate.

  10. Top marks for a really unique way to showcase your town. And top marks to your town for having such a fab way to pass on its history.

  11. that was fun, and told us so much about your town - Made my morning coffee.

  12. Wow this is awesome!!! Love to watch like this kind of play. It make you see differently about cemeteries. Great post happy weekend!

    Shooters Choice

  13. What a wonderful presentation and find to share with us this week!!

  14. I really loved this post and the way you weaved your story with the pictures. I think it's fascinating to have an open air theatre at a cemetary. This was so much fun. I thought the two men driving the carriage actually looked dead. haha. My fave pic is of the car.

  15. a fantastic post!! this would be a fun play to watch. I have an old singer sewing machine like that. has the old peddle pump you use your feet, has a belt wound around it that makes it work.

  16. I really enjoyed that - in fact it was a "photo essay". You must have enjoyed being there too.


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