Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday My Town: Rule of Space

The Rule of Space says that you will create a more pleasing image by giving the subject space in which to move.”

How can it be Friday again already?! I’m afraid this is another week I did not even look at this week’s Shoot Out theme until today… Oh well. I know there are usually a few more people out there that will be saying the same thing…

Whether strictly following the Rules or not, here are some spaces:


Space to build:



Space to walk and talk:



Space to run:



Space to play your music:



Space to come in for landing:



Space to rest for a while:



The last two photos are from today (rhododendron in the town park); the rest are also fairly recent, from May 2012.


See what the rest of the team came up with at

Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. Of course you did it sista. I love the landing space.

  2. like all your photots, I think the space to run is a good example of rule of space, and agreeing with QMM the space to come in for a landing is a beauty.

  3. Well, ALL of them seem to really depict the Rule. I think space to run and space to walk are my two faves...although, now that I am saying that, I remember that the shot of the bee was great!!

  4. Wow, you did just wonderfully!!! I'm afraid I would not have thought of any of these concepts. And who knew that space could be so BEAUTIFUL?

  5. my favorite is the musician. and i like the resting fly.

  6. Very creative presentation for the Space theme!

  7. You always have a nice narrative to go with your photos. Some unique perspectives on space. Well done :)

  8. That first shot is so familiar here, we got no where to built up except UP!! nicely done.

  9. Needless to say the last two are my favourites. Beautiful.

  10. I like wondering where the runner wants to go and how he's feeling about the journey so far in that last photo. The rule of space is such a good rule for provoking storytelling! Nice photos. Thanks for linking.


  11. I like the space to play music. I think it's a great photo and I love it in black and white.

  12. Love the first one - that gave me a sense of soaring high.

    Suzy,Photos are fun-Space

  13. These are all lovely and perfect for the topic. Like some others, I love the space to come in for landing! A unique perspective as is the resting space.

  14. I find it fascinating how different people choose different favourites. Just goes to show how much lies "in the eye of the beholder" ;) Thanks all for your comments; I find them helpful.

  15. Yes, I can assure you that I was one of those people who waited until the very last minute. So I can really appreciate what you came up with! Nice job -- better late than never.


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