Thursday, 21 June 2012

Friday My Town–Signs


Theme of the week at FMTSO is “strange or unusual signs”.

Well, I suppose I could post any sign in Swedish, really, and it would seem strange and unusual to most of you…!

Like this one that I happened to pass by in town today:


“If you happen to be passing by an advertising poster in town and notice that it is for a dentist’s office which wants to inform you that it has been certified for quality according to ISO 9001:2008 (which really means that they are very good at what they do and at making people smile), please linger for a while and continue to read.  But don’t remain standing there musing over what you just read forever, but go on to [street name and number], go in through the door, walk up two stairs (or take the elevator) and ask them to their face exactly how they might improve your teeth and give you a more beautiful smile (which you probably need, since you’re still standing here reading).”


(I’ll leave you to guess what this one is for)

Happy Midsummer to you all!


More signs at Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. i like the content of the words on the first one and the look of the last one. ice cream maybe?

  2. You are right it does look strange to me.

  3. These are very cool, I love the first one best.

  4. Interesting signage especially the first one!

  5. The last one is cute! Is that a sign for ice cream? Though it says "glass" below. Nice shot!

  6. "glass" (from French "glace") is the Swedish word for ice cream

  7. I don't imagine many children (of any age) wouldn't be tempted by your last sign. Love the first one!

  8. I was sure I'd commented on this. I was thinking of pinching the idea for the middle one for use at the Practice in New Zealand.

  9. I might even go to the dentist after reading that one.

  10. I love the boredom sign. I wonder how effective the dentist sign may be as too many folks don't have the attention span to read the whole thing these days. Cute and unusual signage in your town.


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