Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday / Midweek Blues


Last Friday was Graduation day in Sweden.
Happy day for most, but…

Wordless Wednesday

Midweek Blues


  1. Oh, someone doesn't look too happy! Nice eye to catch the discordant note in that celebration! Thank you for your contribution to WW today!

  2. can't comment, I am wordless... LOL. really cool shot

  3. What a happy find! I have never seen a color represented by people on the street, you really had a GREAT idea!!! Were you looking for this or just happened upon it???

    1. I didn't have a special theme in mind just when I took the shot, I was focusing on the mother and child. This was taken in connection with the graduation ceremony I was watching the other day. Yellow and blue are the colours of the Swedish flag, there are always flags and blue and yellow balloons and ribbons etc on these occasions. I wasn't looking for blue clothes. ;) I first decided on the photo for Wordless Wednesday, but then it struck me that there is a lot of blue(s) in it too. Both colour and feeling. So decided to link it to Midweek Blues as well.


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