Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday My Town – Self Portraits


At the Art Museum, June 2012:

Exhibition - Selected Works by Alison Shotz





An old favourite from December 2010: Facing the “Barcode” mirror artwork on a wall in town, also reflecting the town park on the other side of the river.



Self portrait taken with the camera’s self timer, July 2012.
Edited in Picasa 3 (+ PicMonkey to add the floral symbol)


  1. Nice photos of you! I like spending time in art museums and galleries too - so much inspiration...

  2. terrific selfies! I love going to art museums.

  3. oh no, now i might have to take mine, been a while since i did. i love the first one, those are really cool whatever they are on the walls. great shots, all of these. the mirror is my favorite

  4. Very creative. So glad to see you. I know you have been contributing for sometime and it is so good to see you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You look a million look very kind. A wonderful job.

  6. Your images are so creative, I feel like I've just been introduced to an artist in action. The gallery shots are wonderful.

  7. What a great set - I especially like the first art exhibition mirror one, the barcode mirror and the last one. So much more creatib=vce than any recent attemots of mine. I must have a think and try some.

  8. It's so funny, even though you're from Sweden, for some reason I always pictured you as a brunette. Silly me! Great post!
    And by the way, BRRR!

  9. Thanks to all for your encouraging comments. I realize photos of me are even more rare on this blog than on my other one; with the simple excuse that in this one my focus is my own photography... And it's not all that often that I'm inspired to play around with being both behind and in front of the camera at the same time - except when I happen to come across mirrors in interesting places :)

    Shabby Girl - I was born with dark hair, by the time I turned one I was light blonde, in my teens and twenties I was dark blonde (some may have said brunette), by now (in my fifties) "ash blonde", growing more pure ash with every year... ;)

  10. It's good to see you having fun with your camera!

  11. First and last photos are excellent Monica! Clever use of the reflecting surface and the toned, high-key portrait is lovely.


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