Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday My Town: Things That Look Like Faces

I’ve not been out with the camera this week, and to be honest I haven’t had the FMTSO theme in mind at all. Until today… and today I have not been out. I’ve been baking. Swedish saffron buns called “lussekatter” – “Lucia cats”, which belong in our Advent traditions. 

So I made these two specially for you.

They may look more like squirrels than cats, but at least I tried!


The more traditional shape is like those on the right, below:


The last time I was out with the camera was last Friday, and then I went looking in shop windows…

Found some electric candlesticks with faces:


There’s a very light first snowfall going on outside my windows as I write – a very thin layer of white powdering the ground.

Happy 1st Advent weekend, everyone!  / Monica



  1. Yummy. Those buns do like look squirrels. Such happy faces at the end of your post. Smiles!

  2. I see faces for sure. Would love to munch on some of those faces. I would like a little dusting of snow too. Maybe by Christmas.

  3. i would be glad to eat one of those cats... yum and it is a face...

  4. Oh, keep us posted on your weather. Your buns are wonderful, and I see both cats and squirrels.

  5. Cute buns! Keep yourself warm, over here in tropical Singapore, we are in the middle of monsoon season and we're having more rain now, but only for a short while , every now and then.

  6. snow man, we have summer here.

  7. The one in the upper left of the first picture looks like a duckling rolling on the floor in laughter. Great shots. Always even better when you get to eat your art afterwards.

  8. Only Mark would spot a duckling rolling on the floor laughing! I see cats and squirrels, wouldn't mind a bite or two of either. They look delicious!


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