Saturday, 1 December 2012

1 December 2012 – The Buddy Bears Have Arrived


The Buddy Bears are here, and I went to attend the opening of the exhibition in the Town Square today.



“The United Buddy Bears – The Minis” will be visiting us during the month of December 2012.

The exhibition includes 108 bears from different countries, each painted by an artist from that country.

The proceeds from connected activities will go to charity organisations that help children in need.




Die goldene Regel: Behandle jeden anderen Menschen wie Du selbst behandelt werden möchtest. (German text)

The Golden Rule: Treat every other person as you yourself would like to be treated.


The locally painted Big Buddy Bear (I showed you the artist at work in a recent post).
This one will be staying in our city after the exhibition.


My Advent Calendar * this year will be to present one Buddy Bear every day until Christmas on this blog – with their countries of origin. As there are a lot more bears than there are days in December, I’ve decided to start with some countries where I know I have friends and fellow bloggers; and then we’ll see… Maybe I’ll also include some countries that I know very little or nothing at all about!

Wishing you Happy Advent Time with Big Bear Hugs…



*Traditional Advent calendars here take the form of a large rectangular card with 24 windows; one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. Each window opens to reveal an image or poem, or lottery number. Some calendars have a small gift concealed in each window, such as a toy or a chocolate item.


  1. This is SO totally cool, I love all your perfect pictures! Of course I had to go to your link to read all about them, so awesome. And I love the gold ones for the golden rule!!! I had forgotten about your Advent Calendar, do you put it on your blog or what? Again, just LOVING this post and the pisctures!!!

    1. Yes Ginny, the advent calendar will be here in the Picture Book.

  2. Will you be showing us the individual countries' bears for those countries of your blogging friends?

    1. Yes GB, that's the idea. One bear a day. In spite of the crowd I managed to take individual photos of all, at least from the front.

  3. These are very silly but also wonderful.


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