Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday 16 December – Sunny Bears



Artist: Gabriel Hermida

“The Mexican bear is dressed in large green leaves. This symbolises the tropical vegetation in large parts of Mexico. We can see the wide landscape through bushes and leaves. It's the landscape the Aztecs were dreaming of when immigrating into Mexico. Through mythology the wandering Aztec people were predicted to settle where an eagle fights with a snake in the middle of a lake. That's where the Aztecs founded today's Mexico City. We can see the lake in a valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. The bear is wearing a sun as a mask. It's a smiling sun shining very brightly. In Mexican mythology the sun as a circle is a holy symbol.



South Africa

Artist: Constance Wagner

Umthombo Wobuntu - Carrier of Great Value

“The Buddy Bear symbolizes the people of South Africa as bearers of the irretrievable values of our unique Nature, for which preservation we all are responsible. The luminous sun on the bear's breast illuminates motives from the fauna and flora of South Africa. Smaller motives are arranged around the head, neck, arms and legs to resemble traditional beadwork.”


  1. I'll be sorry when you have done them all.

    1. The last post in the Advent calendar will be Christmas Eve. I still have more bears though so who knows. They might keep popping up when you least expect them...

  2. perfect painting for Africa... i had to laugh at the Mexico because it looks like the tummy I see in the mirror... the way it is painted it calls attentions to the tummy

  3. The face on the Mexican 'bear' is strangely spooky because its shape and the painting portray completely different things.

    1. Have to agree with you there. I never much liked face-masks myself. I'm wondering if a Mexican sees the sun-face differently.

  4. I LOVE the African one and guessed before I read it!! Well I guessed somewhere in Africa.


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