Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday 15 December – Mountain Bears


Location of  Austria  (dark green)– in Europe  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]


Artist: Berrenice Darrer

Austria's terrain is highly mountainous due to the presence of the Alps; only 32% of the country is below 500 metres (1,640 ft), and its highest point is 3,798 metres (12,461 ft). The majority of the population speak local Austro-Bavarian dialects of German as their native language, and German in its standard form is the country's official language. (from Wikipedia)



Location of  Norway  (dark green)in Europe  (dark grey)  —  [Legend]Norway

Artists: Laila Holm & Vivianne H. Nustad

“We wanted to capture the moods and the light of the dramatic mountains and fjord landscapes of the West coast of Norway.

In this environment people often seem very small. The scenery hasn't be touched for thousands and thousands of years.

Two original Norwegian rock carvings have been painted on the bear.

The Buddy Bear is a sort of artefact and a symbol of ancient history, wild landscapes and a joint, new future.”





North Korea

Artists: Chang Bok Rim + Ik Hyon Kim

“The North Korean bear shows a reunited Korean landscape, thus expressing the desire for reunification. --- The top part of the bear shows the Paektu Mountain in the North of Korea, whereas the bottom part shows the Hallasan Mountain in South Korea. Joining the two mountains symbolises the unity of the Korean people.”



  1. We still haven't seen North Korea...did we get Syria?
    I suspect a map of the world and a bit of colouring in is the only way to tell.

  2. You better get yourself a box of crayons and turn the map of the world the right side up. You just got North Korea on this post...

    1. It was a bit early I got my norths and souths muddled up.

    2. It's that kind of a day. If you were subscribing to comments you probably got three scoldings saying the same thing. Not intentional... I tried commenting from my phone, it logged me into the wrong account and things got strange...

  3. I love the North Korean one with the pretty stars and the tiger. Is that a skier on the first bear?

  4. i like the last one, the bottom half is what i like flowers and green grass.

  5. Three very different takes on the theme. The Norwegian one is very reminiscent of the fiord mountain colours.

    1. Yes... I like the colours and pattern on the Norwegian bear. I think it's quite stylish.


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