Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thursday 6 December – Colourful Buddy Bear

Can you guess where this colourful bear is from?


2012-12-01 Buddy Bear Tyskland



Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Artist: Dagmar Schmidt

I have not been able to find any additional information about this bear*, but I think the blue towers on its back must be the Kölner Dom – the Cologne Cathedral.


*(If it seems strange to anyone that I’ve been able to find info on some bears but not on others, it’s because some of the Mini Bears in the exhibition here differ from those presented at the United Buddy Bears homepage.)


  1. i could not guess on this one... i did see the cathedral but that could be anywhere in Europe..

  2. I tried really hard to guess and couldn't. But it was fun. I saw those onion topped buildings and thought Russia, then thought maybe Jerusalem or Iran. I would never have have thought Germany. It is outrageously awesome, maybe my favorite bear. But I await on judgement till I have seen them all.


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