Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out: Repetition

There’s a lot of repetition going on in Nature this time of year…

Raindrops falling…


Leaves dropping to the ground…


Frosty nights doing their job…



And even an itsy bitsy snow-fairy sprinkling a few crystals about now and then…



… and of course, we humans do our bit to follow, too:


The first Christmas decorations in the supermarkets turned up around mid-October, and no doubt there will be a lot more repetition of that kind over the next two months!


To see what other patterns of repetition people have found, visit FMTSO


  1. I especially love the reflection in the water droplets!

  2. you are getting better and better and better at photography, again today, amazing photos. i love love love that kind of Santa, not traditional.....droplets are devine

  3. I love your nature photos. You can keep Santa. ;-)

  4. the raindrop and snow crystal shots are exceptional! I want to repeat those myself.

  5. The raindrop reflection is very cool! Nicely captured!
    I was out shopping today and the stores were full of Christmas decorations. While I picked up a couple of gifts I see all the stuff and feel like I'm being pushed. I still would like to celebrate Thanksgiving first! :)

  6. Repeating Santas, how cool. Frosty leaves, timeless and lovely. Nice pics.

  7. I think the leaves are lovely but the droplets are simply enchanting. Is Christmas really that close??

  8. I've start seeing Christmas Decorations in malls around here too, very soon lights on malls and streets will be coming up too. That's something I try not to miss!

  9. Lovely choices. In the Philippines we start to see Chrismtas decoration in September and hear Christmas music in that month too. Love Christmas. ^_^ Thanks for the visit at my site I do appreciate it.

  10. WOW I don't know why I missed your post this week but that raindrop photo blew me out of the water. It is absolutely one of the best photos I have ever seen. I think you should submit to National Geographic Magazine. If you have never done it (have a feeling you know how) just go to and check on the submission process.


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