Saturday, 11 December 2010

A New Beginning


Feeling a bit confused?
Wondering where you are?

Whether you followed the Christmas Bunny* from my first Picture Book to get here, or happened to get here some other way:

Welcome to DawnTreader’s NEW Picture Book 

I noticed a while ago that I was slowly but steadily running out of space at my old blog account. After weighing pros and cons, the best (or at least the cheapest) solution to the problem seemed to be to create a new free account and just pick up where I left off, hoping that old friends will again sign up to follow, and that new ones will find their way here as well.

Basically I have tried to keep the simple layout with black background and without sidebars. There are some improvements in the footer layout in this template, and I will be adding links to other photo blogs by and by.  You will also find some new info-pages (tabs) at the top.

♥ ♥ ♥

* PS: Inserting a copy of the first blog header here since that will be changing later:



  1. Rats, others found you sooner and I'm not the first follower!! I love the way you've done the changeover, it's so cute!! Now I need to go switch you on my sidebar and in blogger. What about your other bolg, how much space do you have left in it?

  2. Well Ginny, you were the first comment on the new blog! :)
    I've kept all my blogs on the same account because that is so much more convenient than having to log in and out of different accounts for each one. But that's why in two years I've used up more than 80% of the Picasa Web Album connected to that account. I decided to move the Picture Book first, as a test. That gives me a bit of time to see how that works out before I have to do the same thing with the other blog.

  3. I never knew there was a limit. I'll have to check mine. ow can you tell.

  4. Adrian: Log into your Picasa Web Album and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you can see how many MB vs percent of the free space (1024 MB) that you have used. You can upgrade the storage space but then you have to pay an annual fee. I decided I preferred not to do that but try my luck with moving my blog(s) instead. My guess is that I might lose a number of official followers but that the ones who are really interested will come along... We'll see how it goes!

  5. here i am and i see ginny got here first. new one is looking good and i fell down the hole when i followed the rabbit

  6. Thanks, Sandra! I'm happy for every friendly face that turns up!


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