Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Watery (?) Wednesday


Well… Snow and ice are really just frozen water, aren’t they? This is the river, and somewhere underneath the ice there is probably still running water…


Maybe some of the other participants in Watery Wednesday had better luck…


  1. The beautiful light is low, it must be late afternoon.

  2. Ginny: The sun is still low all day here. Rather like me: getting up late, and to bed early...! These photos were taken around 2.30 PM.

  3. I love that early morning light on the snow!

  4. if not for the bridge it would not look like a river at all and you ar right, frozen river is good for watery wed. beautiful beautiful photos

  5. I do enjoy looking at pictures of snow. I feel for you having a sunset arriving at 2:30PM, though!

  6. Sorry, late for Watery Wed.!
    Although your second pic is more innovative, the first one is my favorite, because of the peacefulness. Hope your house is warm in this freezing weather. Wishing you a happy New Year!


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