Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Frozen Flood


Yesterday I very nearly did not bring my camera, just going out for a quick (hmm!) short walk to post a letter. “There can’t possibly be anything interesting along that way on a grey and snow-free winter day,” I thought to myself. But then I grabbed the camera anyway…


And it turned out nature along the familiar path surprised me, once again – as my familiar paths sometimes do. This time I found a frozen lake - where there usually is no lake!



In April, this is one of the close-to-home spots where I go looking for wood anemones! (…not water lilies…)



  1. this is proof positive NEVER EVER leave home without your camera. these are amazing and you would have missed them and so would we. i love that green moss covered rock in the frozen lake. beautiful

  2. What very strange pictures, hard to believe this is the same place with the flowers. I love that little grassy mound (I think maybe the fairies have hidden in there) and those white curved lines in the ice.

  3. Lovely ice patterns. Although at first I misread the blog entry title as "Frozen Food"!

  4. It just proves you never know what delights Nature may have prepared for you! The first shot is simply delightful in its simplicity and stark beauty!

  5. Nothing like cold weather for altering the landscape. a grand walk to the post box.

  6. What wonderful patterns in the ice.

  7. The green moss amidst the frozen lake makes for a beautiful photo! Glad you grabbed your camera.


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