Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday My Town: Abandoned / Neglected




▲ Above: Rusting iron fence around an old grave

▼ Below: Not “neglected”, but abandoned for the sake of “progress”…


▲ A year ago I took this photo of an old wooden house with outbuilding across the street from a modern supermarket. (1.3.2011) Still people living there then I think, but I knew there were building plans for the area around it, and I was wondering whether the old house would be spared or not.



▲ ▲ 10.3.2012 – Obviously NOT!


24.3.2012 – Not a trace left!



30.3.2012 = today
The first of the new apartment buildings is rising

Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. Progress can be merciless!! But what a shame about this gorgeous, ornate fence!!! So heavy and beautiful.

  2. Superb shots of the railings, they look very much as if in 3D. New is frequently not better, sadly.

  3. men of such little vision. what a waste. In Curitiba in Southern Brasil the old building and apartments were used as the entrances for new buildings. It is interesting and leaves a distinctive flavor of the past.

  4. It's very similar here, a lot of buildings are torn down to be replaced with more high-rise buildings! Can't be help, since we too tiny with bursting population. Soon it will be 6 million people in our already congested island.

  5. Ekkk it's gone! Good thing you take a photo of that old house. The house is beautiful sad part it has to go. ^_^


  6. Ahh, the price of progress!

    I love the shots of the old railings, especially the first. I can imagine how lovely they would be if restored.

  7. hope this doesn't mean your country is starting to act like the USA and tear down all the old and up with the new. i like that old house, and would much prefer it to the new building. the fence is beautiful even in its neglected state. i love that first photo

    1. Yes I think it's a pity the old house had to go, too - but in this case I can see why. Even if they'd spared it, I doubt it would have been very attractive for anyone to live in now, squeezed in between apartment buildings, school and supermarket. It was a one-family house next to a boring parking lot and a neglected grove of a few wild trees and weeds. Instead there will be 107 new apartments. I'm glad I got that photo of it before all the tearing down started though.

  8. I like your shot of the house/farm a year ago in all its glory. sort of sad the sight of progress.

  9. :( Always sad to see an old beauty disappear. It is a-shame the fencing is not being maintained either. I am sure it was costly at one time.

  10. Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got
    'Til it's gone
    They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot
    Joni Mitchell

  11. Ah, very apt... Although, to be fair, in this case they actually also dug up a parking lot to build houses instead.

  12. Well, I never knew what the words between "'Til it's gone" and "And put up a parking lot" were -"They paved paradise". I always wanted to know that - the nearest I could get was 'They came in the night'.

    Love the ones of the grave but then I'm a sucker for graveyards and old headstones and things.


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