Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday My Town: Steeples, Spires and Weathervanes


There are two church towers in my town (Borås) which can be seen from various places in the city. One of them in the background to the right, and reflected in the river. The curved building to the left is an old textile factory. This is an old textile industry area.


Caroli church is from the 17th century and is the oldest building in town, the only one that (with some repairs) stood through three major town fires in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.


▲ Seen from the town square, with a cinema in the foreground.


▲ At the beginning of the 20th century, as the town kept growing, another church was built ▼


▲ Gustav Adolf’s Church ▼

2011-04-15 Churches1



▲ This belltower belongs to the old wooden church that now resides in our Open Air Museum (originally it was built somewhere else) ▼


And below a modern bell-tower belonging to a church in a suburban area that arose in the 1960’s. Fitting right in with with all the grey concrete apartment buildings… ▼

2010 08 06 Hässleholmen, church

There are several proud old buildings in town with towers and turrets and weathervanes and whatnots without being churches. ▼


▲ This one is known as “The Palace”. It’s an apartment building.


▲ A financial palace (a bank)


▲ Hotel or apartments or both, not sure.


▲ Shops on the ground floor. Not sure if offices or apartments upstairs.


Another old factory – now a bank. They do like their towers!


▲ Electricity company. Like to think they’re powerful, too! (haha)



▲ Old railway station from 1863, nowadays offices.
▼ In 1894 another railway station was built, still used as such.


Friday My Town Shoot Out









  1. oh oh oh oh oh oh i can't stop saying ohhhhh on each photo. these are magnificent, the photos and the buildings. i can't even begin to pick a favorite. wow wow wow and wow again. you win the prize for best in category. awesome

  2. What a wonderful selection of buildings. It gives a great sense of what your town is like. I'd hate to have the job of choosing a favourite this week but either the first one or one of the angled ones would get my vote. I shall come back to this post on occasions tp remind myself where you live. (I wonder if there is a way of flagging individual posts on someone's blog?)

  3. well done. Yes towers are used as a sign of wealth and power. And in most cases is true. (wealth and power being synonymous)

    but my fav photos and buildings are the train stations.

  4. Magnificent selections! Love those non-church buildings, especially the last one.

  5. I do love the train stations too. The photos are magnificent. You are right about the industrial buildings turned into new uses. They can put right around the chimneys and such and fit it right in.

  6. Wow these photos are awesome!! Thanks for sharing.


  7. textile factory: looks like a triple decker boat, don't you think? The reflection is awesome too.

  8. That last picture is amazing, it looks like you took it from an airplane! I have always loved your green capped clock tower on the church, I sort of think of it as being the hub of the whole town. What a contradiction seeing it, then the very modern and neon cinema below it! I also love the red roofed hotel, and those wonderful and so unusual bell towers!

  9. You know me, I love humble little churches, so the bell tower at your Open Air Museum does it for me! I also realy like the old railway station.

    I feel this post has added an extra dimension to your town in my awareness.

  10. Ah, is clear that you really put a lot of effort into this one. Beautiful shots, great context, great history...I'm beginning to think that the FMTSO is becoming a huge tourist attaction blog. At least for me. I think my bucket list contains - "Travel to all FMTSO sites." It was fascinating to see the Caroli church from different perspectives. I liked the one with the mall in front because of the contrast of capitolism and God. Although the first and last pictures were up in the "Should be in a gallery" category.

  11. I love these images! Our buildings here in my city are really boring, even without having been treated to these!


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