Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday My Town: Paths, Steps and Walkways


Starting off with couple of favourites from my archives.
▲ Above: A footbridge across the river.
▼ Below: The stairs to Heaven…


▼ Sorry, actually it’s just a footbridge over the railway


---   ---   ---

But let’s go in another direction, because this theme also fits in with some other photos I have been meaning to post anyway.

About 10-15 minutes walk from where I live, there is a little park which I have come to call (in blogging context) my Butterfly Park – because I often go there in the late summer/early autumn to look at (and take photos) of butterflies attracted to the flowers there. Occasionally also to the walkways! ;) ▼




The flowerbeds are surrounded by yew hedges;
below that area there is an open lawn for croquet. 
Well – depending on time of the year!

Copied from my old blog The Island of the Voices. Can’t find the original photo.


▲ Croquet lawn in the winter! (Good luck to you!)

▼ Now, this is how the park used to look. ▼


The trees along one side of it offering shadow on a hot day.


And seasonal colour changes in the tree tops.


DSCN2100 *

▲ In the background above, if you look closely, you see just a glimpse of the roof of a building behind the bare trees in winter. That’s an old military regiment building, nowadays used for other purposes. Between that and the park runs a railway, and between the railway and the park also a road, which used to be lined with trees and bushes on both sides. BUT…

▼ … in the late autumn, 2011, things started to change… ▼


And over winter they’ve kept on changing! ▼▼▼



▲ New view from the croquet lawn


▲ New view when walking through the Butterfly Park.

Help! I can hardly believe it’s the same park! Was all this necessary?

I know they are going to build houses for people to live in, on the area on the other side of the railway, below the old regiment. (Some of those old buildings have been turned into apartments as well, and others into offices and school premises.)

I suppose they wanted to open up the view… But walking in that park won’t ever be quite the same again! (Oh, I guess I’ll get used to it…)

Maybe they’ll be planting new trees, in a more orderly fashion. But I’m still a little concerned for my butterflies! Even if they keep the flowerbeds among the yew hedges, with all the ‘yummy’ butterfly favourites there… I still fear the butterflies might miss the wilder environment nearby. Last autumn, I got to enjoy the miracle of seeing about a hundred newborn small tortoiseshell butterflies simultaneously in that park. Those caterpillars feed on nettles; and my guess is the eggs were laid and the butterflies “born” in the wild area of trees and bushes and weeds along the railway... With that gone, I wonder if I’ll still be seeing the park crowded with butterflies this summer???


Anyway… I thought I’d document the changes going on!

Wishing everyone a Happy Friday My Town Shoot Out!



  1. You can almost see David Niven in the film "A matter of life and death" on the stairway to heaven

  2. Love the first shot. I got the impression I was going for a stroll through the pathways of your mind, observing the changes, worrying a little about them. I do hope your butterflies return.

  3. Beautiful shots! The flowers and the butterflies are awesome!


  4. you led me right into being heart broaken. The beauty then the starkness, and the pile of logs... How can they tear down mature trees - good, great turn the old buildings into apartments. but why the trees...

  5. I like how you have represented your town throughout the seasons. I hope they replant some trees, surely they will?

    Your butterflies are gorgeous!

  6. Love to see the different season scenes in your town!

  7. An amazing post, so much to love here!!!! I love seeing your park and how they have changed it, I do hate to see old trees cut down!!! I will be so interested to see if you can still find as many butterflies this summer. My favorite pictures here are one, five, and the last, so stunning!!! Hey, I thought you were going with all embedded?

  8. Thanks all. And Ginny, yes, I intend to change to embedded here as well, just thought I'd wait a bit to see if there was any trouble with it on the other blog first.

  9. Your documentation of the changes in the park is fascinating. I always enjoy photo series of change over time but seldom remember to start one until it is too late and the changes have already occurred. I have to say that Stairway to Heaven is breathtaking.


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