Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friday My Town: Bright and Colourful



Embarrassed smile Have to admit I completely forgot about the Friday Shoot Out this week. Not only did I forget to post on the right day - I realized today that I had no idea what the theme was…

But… Making amends… What’s more bright and colourful than a rainbow? (See more rainbow shots at my other blog.)

Apart from the rainbow, it’s been a rather dull week here with a lot of rain and clouds and not much sun. However, this afternoon it did clear up again for a while (rain is hitting my windows again as I write this though), and I went for a walk up to our old regiment buildings. (I say “up” because they are situated on top of a hill.)

The regiment was disbanded 15 years ago, and the buildings now house various business offices, schools and apartments.

Actually, the buildings are quite bright and colourful, even if still somewhat awe-inspiring…



Seen from afar (from the park where I hope to be chasing butterflies again a bit later on in the summer – there were none to be seen there today)



Panorama view from the yard.
It’s a huge place with a variety of buildings.


Not sure how I’d feel about living there…


Being greeted by cannons at the bus stop!









Well, these flowers were bright and cheerful anyway!

Friday My Town Shoot Out


  1. Nothing is more cheerful than a rainbow! I seem to be substituting colourful for cheerful - maybe because the weather is gloomy and overcast today. Different shades of green against a blue sky also fits the bill for me. Lovely photos!

  2. Great shots. The image of the rainbow is very good and I love how you captured the reflection of the building in the puddle. It made the image so much more interesting.

  3. Love your rainbow! You got almost the whole thing - and two of them too! Interesting pics of the buildings - I agree, might not want to live there but great for photographing. The reflection is great too!

  4. I love the rainbow shot! The photo with the reflection is my favorite. Nice flowers, too. :)

  5. wow, I can see a double rainbow!

  6. Yes the photo with the reflection is my favorite. We had a rainbow one day this week but not a lot of rain, which we need badly. I also agree don't like the image left but cannon sitting around.

  7. It's good to see yet another part of your town. I've already seen the rainbow, of course, but it's the splendid buildings demonstrating the relative grandeur that was the 'face' of many regiments that really appeal to me here.

  8. I do like that they have restored the buildings and are making use of them for other purposes; and that they've also kept original awe-inspiring details like the gates and the cannons to remind of the history of the place. But I did wonder as I was walking around there how I'd feel about living in one of the private flats... Can't really see myself feeling "at home" there!


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