Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday My Town–Complementary Colours

Red/orange vs. green nuances are the ones that I find most of in my recent photos.


My first two tomatoes on the balcony turning red.
(I ate them yesterday!)



A piece of modern art in the treetops in the open air museum park. The work is entitled Dragon’s Flight or Kite Flight (Swedish: Drakflykt) and artist is Tor Udd.



The glazed muffin with red sprinkles picks up the red colour of the old church in the background (also in the open air museum park). The green table + nature itself serves as contrast.



Going through wardrobes at the House this week (my parents’ old place, for those who don’t know), I found this old chroceted patchwork blanket tucked away at the back of a top shelf. It stirs memories with me, but only vague ones. I think I was told some time in a distant past that it came from my mother’s side of the family, like from my grandmother or perhaps even her mother. I emailed a photo of it to my aunt, but she has no recollection of it.

I know I did see it when I was younger, because even then I was so frustrated with it. If whoever-made-it had either stuck to the main pattern of neat rows of the same  colours: OR had mixed them evenly throughout the whole thing… Then it could have been beautiful. As it is, there are these inexplicable irregularities of deviating patches here and there. It’s like the blanket was started by someone who knew exactly what they were doing – and finished by someone who didn’t have clue, or didn’t care!

Alternatively, it might be our own family da Vinci code built into it. “Five blue, two green, one blue…” Any suggestions??

Meanwhile, with the Colour Wheel in mind, I do think the orange and the blueish green squares fit the ‘red orange’ and ‘blue green’ sections just about perfectly…


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  1. I love your crocheted blanket, so pretty.It must have taken hours of dedicated hand to make this.

  2. I can't believe you have art works in the treetops - how fun is that?! That colour against the green canopy sure does make it stand out. Also love the red sprinkled muffin shot!

  3. i love your red/green photos, the tomatoes especially.

  4. As a long time crocheter I would say someone added on maybe to make it longer. Also the one who started ran out of the colors. I sometimes do pieces I call crazy crochet just to use up odds and ends. If I could see it up close I could tell if the same person did it all or not. Great color examples. I love the art in the tree also.

  5. Don't know which photo I like best - but you family aphgan is a super story - I have five that my mother made they are something I will keep for my daughter

  6. Tomatoes: I love tomatoes but I haven't grown my own for years. Growing anything when one lives in two places and is away a lot is just not practical.

  7. I love tomatoes and your photo. The problem is that when one lives in two places growing things is not practical. Like you I'd be rather flummoxed by the unusual pattern of the quilt.

  8. Nice interpretation of the colour wheel. That modern art sculpture really does look like dragon wings! It was the picture that first drew my attention.


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