Monday, 23 July 2012

Ruby Tuesday: The Red Cottage


Once upon a time, my paternal grandfather lived in this cottage together with his grandparents. Back then, it was not the bright red colour you see here, but unpainted grey. Today it’s a summer paradise; back then, it was probably a struggle most of the time… Read more about it here.

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  1. That little cottage is so cute and in such a wonderful setting!

  2. Idyllic spot with history for you....nice shot

  3. A good reminder about how times have changed. It does look like a summer paradise now, doesn't it? I wonder if the original occupants even imagined there could be such a thing.

  4. Cute little cottage. Happy RT2!

    Mine's here.

  5. a beautiful shot of past memories. i like the post and the fern, the flowers in front of this beautiful old cottage. i can only imagine what it was like to live in it back then, and not something i would want to do. i am to spoiled


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