Monday, 30 July 2012

Ruby Tuesday–Telephone Booth


Something is wrong with this picture; and no, I have not been cutting and pasting! The yellow building is an old Swedish railway station, now a business office. They’ve done a good job of renovating the old station house. But the red telephone booth outside is of British model! I’m afraid I have no clue to WHY. (It’s empty – no phone inside!)

I think it must a recent addition, since I’ve not noticed it before. After a bit of research on the internet, I can only assume that it must be one of the 60 that British Telecom decided to sell a few months ago.

If there was originally a telephone booth outside that station house, it’s far more likely to have been one of these:



(Old phone box in our open air museum park)


  1. maybe they consider it ART... i like the Swedish one much better. like that old building to

  2. Much as I love opur K6 telephone boxes it looks very out of place there. Art? I'm not sure.

    1. I agree - it does look out of place. I have to say I'm surprised they even got permission to put it up. (But perhaps there are no rules that can be applied...)

  3. Yours are better but I do like the colour here. Yours must have been hellish drafty in winter. Beautiful picture.

  4. There was a few of the red phone-booth here too, it's used as decorations only,there's no phone.

  5. oh, I would dearly love to have the red telephone box! I would use it for storage. I just have always love them, don't know why. And your Swedish phone booth would make a lovely garden accessory.

  6. So very pretty!

    Your comment on my Ruby Post will make me so much happy. Please come and see.

  7. Beautiful and interesting finds of RED!

    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..

  8. I have seen the first style before, but that 2nd one is pretty cool!


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