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Friday My Town: Houses of Prayer

2011-04-15 Churches

Above: A collage of photos of the oldest church in town, from 1669. In fact I think it is the oldest building in town, because in previous centuries, there were several fires. The church too has gone through some renovations. The present tower is from the mid 19th century.

There was another church in the same spot way back in medieval times. I think I recall from a guided tour years ago, they had found graves in the crypt under the church dating back to the 12th century.


   DSCN0407-1  DSCN0402-2

A second, bigger church was built in 1906, as the town was growing and the old church got too small. These photos were taken in mid April 2007. Spring was earlier that year... This year neither the trees nor the daffodils are in bloom yet.



An old wooden church from the 17th century in our Museum Park. I’ve shown this photo before (and other pictures of it as well). The church was moved from its original location (in a village in the area) to the open air museum in the early 1900s; as were a number of other old buildings that were considered worth preserving for the future. The church is still in use for weddings and christenings and other special occasions, but not for regular Sunday services. It has a separate wooden bell tower:





This is the church in the village where my father grew up. He and my mother also went back to live there after retirement. My mother is buried in the cemetery there, and so are my paternal grandparents, and several other ancestors.


The churches above are all Church of Sweden (Lutheran church), which was a state church for more than 400 years, from the Reformation until 2000, when church and state were separated.

There are several other churches in my town as well. I don’t have pictures of the buildings, though. Maybe a project for the future? The ‘free’ churches in central town may be ‘free’ in spirit; as for location they are crammed in among other buildings along busy streets with lots of traffic. Not really easy to get good photo views… And as for the churches in the ‘suburb’ parts of town, they are a bit out of my way.  


See more churches and other houses of prayer around the world at:


  1. these are wonderful and the older the better. we do not have churches as old as these here. the oldest in our town is the one in my post from 1884. my favorite of yours today is the one in your parents town that photo is beautiful with the lacy trees. fantastic old churches each and all of them.

  2. Each one different but they are all beautiful and the churches look lovingly cared for.

  3. I actually like the new church and your first picture is great.

  4. Marvelous selection. The light bathing the old wooden church is exquisite.

  5. these photos are just GRAND - the red wooden church is my favorite.
    I just have to go to Sweden. and in the fall, for all the colors, or maybe the spring.... or just go. you sell your town and country well.

  6. Oh my gush I so love your shots!!! That wooden bell is so unique! Thanks for sharing!


  7. I love the last two, they are my favorite. Those big ornate ones are beautiful, but at times I think they are all about looks and money and belong in a museum rather for average people. I would feel very out of place there. I love the wooden bell tower, is it ever rung? Is it even ringable!

  8. I just love the architecture of churches, so beautiful.

  9. I love the old wooden church and the unique bell tower! But then it's the simple old churches that I always love the most. I wonder what the little flag on its top signifies. Don't think I've ever seen a flag on one before.
    Beautiful shots as always!

  10. Wow these are all just Beautiful! Great post!

  11. Alos love the wooden bell. Lovely photos!

  12. About the bell tower, I know that two summers ago some work was done to it because then the bell-shaped roof was temporarily on the ground. I assume there is a bell that can be rung but I'm not sure if I ever heard it. The flag I suppose it might be some kind of weathervane, but I'm not sure about that either.


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