Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday My Town: Texture

I have to admit I’m still feeling rather confused about the concept of ‘texture’ in photography. I tried looking up definitions but all I ended up with was the statement that “images of texture photography derive at least part of their impact through the use of texture”. Eh? Duh?!

Ah well. Here are some pictures from last weekend that might, or might not, fit the theme. Let the judgement be in the eye of the beholder! These are all from the yard/garden at my dad’s old place; except the last one, which was taken in the woods nearby.


Ancient clothes-peg


DSCN3179-1   DSCN3180-1

I was going to take down the clothes-line which used to be stretched between two trees but was now just hanging on to one of them. When I went up close to untie that end, I discovered that I could not, because the line had been “swallowed” by the tree!


DSCN3170-1       DSCN3176-1




Does fire have texture?


Mossy old stones in fairy tale kind of forest.   



  1. What amazing pictures! I sense abandonment in many of them, but you sure got the textures right! Sandra has some really good definitions of texture on her blog today. I have never seen a tree eat something like that!

  2. I'd say you definitely got the hang of it! (What a funny definition of texture you found.)

    Those mossy rocks just beg to be touched.

  3. Yes, I like the mossy rocks too.

  4. Lovely shots!!! Natural texture are awesome thanks for sharing!

    Friday shoot out

  5. they all fit and they are all beautiful. i really really reallly like that moss covered rocks at the end.

  6. I'd say you got it, amazing textures all! As for fire, I vote "no touching" to find out if it does have texture.

  7. Your shots are beautiful. All of them - but I particularly like the old clothes peg and the different textures in the old wheel barrow shot.

  8. Amazing set of photos, I just can't decide which one I like best.

  9. I think you did texture just fine. I like the clothes line that became part of the tree. two definite textures there.

  10. well if you were confused it doesn't show. I would think that anything that seems to have 3 demesion has texture, from the fine look of hair to bumpy looking soild. love the wheel barrow....


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