Sunday, 17 April 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday: Tree Shadow On Grass


The trees are still bare, but I noticed today that the lawn is actually getting green!

Click here to see almost the same view two months ago!

Not only is the grass getting green – there are daises in it!!!


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  1. oh boy, daisy's I love daisys and that is a cool shadow.

  2. That is a sharp tree reflection!!! We don't have any daiseis yet, waiting!

  3. Love that tree shadow shot. And, yes, can see your grass is getting greener. Those little daisies are always so cute - except when they are growing in my lawn. :)

  4. Here in the UK the trees have really come into leaf over the last two weeks. It's looking very springlike now!

  5. when you look at a tree you very seldom think it round, but the shadow is a perfect arc


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