Monday, 4 April 2011

Mosaic Monday: Fashion Show

2011-04-02 fashion show4

See more photos from the Fashion Show at Beyond the Lone Islands.
The clothes are from the local shops and the models were all local amateurs doing this for the chance to be a fashion model for a day.

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  1. i see they have something for every one. from kids to maternity to jeans and dresses and even a parasol. these are great

  2. Not quite a carnival but almost as good. great pictures you have caught the atmosphere.

  3. Wow!! A whole fashion show in one big picture. And some nice outfits, too. Though I don't know where you would wear the one in the lower right corner? It looks a bit costumey. But still very pretty. Certainly not for grocery shopping.

  4. That is a perfect mosaic. Very special too. Have a great week.

  5. That looks like fun!...who wouldn't wish to be a model for one day?

  6. Oh this is fun. I really enjoyed seeing all the "models for a day." Sweet outfits for children...


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