Thursday, 10 March 2011

Friday My Town – Chaos (?)



This sculpture appeared on a street in town for our sculpture festival last summer. I was hoping it would disappear again when the summer was over…! But alas - I noticed last weekend that it’s still there.

If it has been affected at all by all the snow and ice during the winter, I would not be able to tell.

The artist is Frank Stella and the name of the sculpture is Catal Hüyük. Does that clarify anything for you?

I just looked it up in Wikipedia again. I still can’t quite see it.

Catalhöyük was a Neolithic settlement in Turkey, 7500 BC to 5700 BC with an average population of 5000-8000 people living in mud-brick houses crammed together rather resembling a beehive structure, with no streets in between. The doors were on the ceilings, and ladders were used to get in and out. Archaeologists found very little rubbish inside, apparently that was all disposed of outside. Over time, houses were renewed by partial demolition and rebuilding on a foundation of rubble. Up to 18 levels of settlement have been uncovered. Graves, murals and figurines found suggest a religion rich in symbolism and possibly a matriarchal social structure.

As for this modern sculpture... If anything, when I saw it again after the winter… I hope no one takes offense if I say it made me think of  recent pictures from Christchurch. After earthquake; before rebuilding.

But of course the sculpture is not really chaos at all, since it was put together by someone who I assume had some sort of idea behind what he was doing, even if I fail to get it. (Oh. Maybe that’s it? Because the same could probably be said of those people in Catalhöyük 9000 or so years ago…)

Anyway… With ‘real’ chaos in mind… earthquakes and war zones and serious mental disorders and whatever… I had a hard time coming up with anything in my immediate neighbourhood that really deserves to fall under the title Chaos. So this was the best I could do: a thing that reminds me of things that are worse (and makes me wonder if I really need that particular kind of reminder).

… … …

As I publish this post  – Thursday evening – there has been another kind of more ‘normal chaos’ going on outside my windows for about 30 hours. Just as we were beginning to raise our hopes of spring, we were hit by another snowstorm yesterday, still going on. Well, it seems to have turned into rain just now… But it might turn to snow again in the night… Anyway… I’m not feeling the least bit tempted to go out there to take more photos of icy slush… Have enough of those already…


Organized chaos (kaleidoscoped slush!)


  1. That is a beautiful chaos!

  2. I love kaleidoscopes! Yours is exquisite!

  3. As to the sculpture, until I read your post, I thought that it was something from Christchurch. Do I like it, not much. I find I need mostly art that soothes me, not add to my tensions from the economy and other worries.

  4. Well, it's so strange that you are apologizing for this picture as a representation of chaos! When I first saw it, I thought it was the PERFECT picture showing chaos, and I still do. And it looks like order is trying to come out of the chaos. Those buildings in Turkey, so interesting! I have a hard time believing it was a matriarchal society, I think women would never let things get so messy, surely men devised this. I LOVE your slushy kaleidoscope image!!

  5. it looks to me like space junk that fell off the space station and landed there. not a fan of this one. it is a good shot of it though and i don't see where he got the name at all.

  6. oops, got so carrried away with the thing i forgot to say i think it is perfect for chaos.

  7. Oh wow I love the slush!! We recently had our city spend a fortune on sculptures to add to our local downtown...uhmmm...reminds me of yours! One is a salmon that is just bones and a head...really?? Wonderful shootout hon!!

  8. it is a wonder to me what they call art sometimes and the artists get paid lots of money for the sculptures. interesting history on it though. I love the last shot!! how did you do that?

  9. That is a great example. True is organized Chaos since someone designed it. Maybe he has a chaotic mind. Great history on it for sure. Love the last macro shot.

  10. Thanks for the information on Catalhoyuk.
    The sculpture would be better titled Haiti.
    Like the Kaleidoscope. I'll have to look for a plug in for that job.

  11. Love that last picture best!

  12. Doreen the kaleidoscope was made in Corel Paint Shop Pro X. Just takes a click ;)

  13. Yes this sculpture looks like chaos to me, it reminds me of the aftermath of a car crash, all of that twisted wreckage.
    I like your kaleidoscope, it looks like a beautiful ice crystal!

    xoxoxo ♡

  14. I think the sculpture may not be pretty but is a fabulous example of chaos - and a great photo of it, too. Thanks for the history of Catalhöyük - there is a story behind all chaos, isn't there? Love your kaleidoscoped slush - you can make anything look beautiful!

  15. Space Junk....that's a good description. Even though, your photo certainly makes the sculpture more of a piece of art than it probably is. As Photo Artists, though, we must keep an open mind. My mind is set...this is a perfect example of Chaos. Well done and the SlushAscope is beautiful!

  16. I like this kind of chaosness, lol!! Makes me think what the artist want me to see or interpret in this art. Love it!

  17. when I started reading your explanation of the statue and saw the name (I realize not in English) but my minds said Catabolic state - I thought - OKay what is that - here is one definition off the interent and before my first cup of coffee -
    catabolism (the noun )
    Etymology: Gk, kata + ballein, to throw
    a metabolic process in which complex substances are broken down by living cells into simple compounds. The process liberates energy for use in work, energy storage, or heat production. Carbon dioxide and water are produced, as well as energy. Compare anabolism. catabolic, adj.

    This statue is one that needs to be studied and from all angles. I find it interesting. and like all chaos (which is necessary in order to have order) has its own beauty.

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  18. Wow, when I first saw the sculpture I thought it was some kind of wreck. I think it is kind of a eye sore, it needs to be in an art gallery for people that like that kind of art. That way you don't have to look at if you don't want to. I does have a nice story to it though. I like the ice slush.

  19. Given the recent situations, I am also feeling chaotic in my brain and sould. I do like the kalidoscope though.


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