Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday My Town – Things Beginning With ‘S’


(School on the other side of the street.)


2011-03-01 supermarket2

Shopping carts.



Sitting outside, silently waiting…



Sniffing around a bit… ;)


2011-03-01 supermarket5




Spring on the way – Seeds on display!


2011-03-01 supermarket3

Sweet temptations I did not succumb to



Shopping bag on snowy sidewalk.



Smoothie with sea-buckthorn to strengthen myself

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  1. now that i see all your letter S i feel like mine are just plain old silly. these are all very creative finds, and i like all of them, S is for spectacular shots

  2. Great and expressive photos!!
    Shopping is a joyous moment for women but there are too many temptations. I especially surrender sweet temptation・・・. I felt as if I were in your town. Tahnk you for sharing!

  3. So bright and fun pictures. Great shoot out this eek.
    Happy weekend!

  4. I love this one!!! I get to see inside a supermarket in Sweden!!! I would like to see MORE! Do they let you take pictures, or did you have to be sneaky? Your carts look much cleaner and in better repair than ours here. Is that a hand held scanner? Do you shop with that and scan as you go? That is what we do. We also have the option of waiting till we get to the counter and running each thing under the scanner there, too. Or a third option, an old fashioned cashier. If you self scan, do they audit you?

  5. Ginny: I don't feel quite comfortable taking pictures within the supermarket. I don't do it if there's people close by. This supermarket is rather new (3 years). Yes I scan as I go. One has to register for that and random check-ups are made. We have the other options as well.

  6. Hmm...I wonder if we have Smoothies like that here in the States. My granddaughters would know, for sure! Your shopping carts look so shiny and new! Ours aren't. :(
    Lovely candy displays. Good for you passing by them!

  7. That was a fun 'S' Shopping Trip! I enjoyed all of your photos. It's fun seeing the differences in Supermarkets. Cute Sniffers and Smoothies...I'd have succumed to the Sweets! Great ShootOut!

  8. I love your photos of the inside of supermarket! over here, there's a policy of no photography, securities will come within seconds upon whipping a camera. We have CCTV all around the supermarket!

  9. You're an excellent photographer! So you are also doing the alphabet, but not the Wednesday one. I like doing alphabets. I learn a lot by trying to find proper words. My "S" word is coming in 12 weeks. It is about the sixties.

  10. Scrappy Grams: I'm lactose intolerant so this is a special kind of smoothie made from oats.
    Snowwhite & Collectin'Gal: I eat too many sweet things anyway, I try to at least stay away from those that provide no nourishment at all except sugar ;)
    Jama: We have surveillance cameras too in many stores. I don't think private photography in the supermarket is forbidden as such, but might be questioned if the purpose seems suspicious etc.
    Reader Will: Thanks. My ABC Wednesday is on my other blog. Friday My Town subjects vary from week to week but not in alphabetical order!

  11. I think you would find our supermarkets rather drab compared to yours. Except for the flash now one new where GB lives and I was pounced upon by a security man as soon as I fired off the flash. I think around here people might look at you as if you are a bit odd if you took out the camera. A while back I was photographing the shopping trollies and was asked what the hell I was doing by a man who obviously thought I was armed and dangerous.

  12. Oh I'm sure people here think one is odd too. I only used the camera inside when no one seemed to be looking. And I did not use flash. As obvious from the pictures I also avoided taking pictures of customers.

    But most people have cameras in their phones nowadays, and they can sneak photos much easier. People use their phones everywhere. So I really see no reason why a separate camera should be treated differently.

  13. LOVE the little doggie. :)


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