Monday, 7 March 2011

Mosaic Monday: More Swedish Design

2011-02-19 textile museum8

The same artist/designer (Erik Höglund) who made the glassware that I showed for Mosaic Monday two weeks ago, also worked with other materials. These objects are from the same exhibition.

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  1. I love Swedish design and the vibrant colours.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. i wish i did not mind flying or floating so i could come see your town. you have the most amazing things in and out of museums.

  3. This is a really unusual post with lots of things to look at. I'm trying to figure out what that man is doing to the girl's head. That's either a braid, or he is painting her head.

  4. Dianne - Lots of colour in 60's/70's design! :)

    Sandra - You've been showing us some pretty fascinating museums yourself. I wish I was more fit to travel myself.

    Ginny... Erik Höglund was also a sculptor and I think it is a (clay?) sculpture he is working on there!

  5. These are wonderful. I expect the price is too. Worth it to own any of these.


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