Thursday, 3 March 2011

“He Gave Us Eyes To See Them…”

Ginny (Let Your Light Shine) commented on my Watery Wednesday post yesterday (a green glass bottle stuck in the ice in the river) that it seems (I assume she must mean from other posts…) we don’t have much problem with litter here…

My answer was that “With the camera, one focuses on the bits that one wants to see. And editing gives even further possibility to cut out the bits one does not want to show.”

I have to confess that my camera is not really set by default on “the truth and nothing but the truth”. I think it’s more set on finding

“All things bright and beautiful … All things wise and wonderful…”
(follow the link for the full lyrics)

So unless litter happens to be sort of beautiful (like a green glass bottle magically frozen in a waterfall) - or at least extraordinary enough to cause wonder - my camera does not seek it out. That of course does not mean the litter is not there In Real Life. You just don’t get to see it, unless I choose for some special, odd reason to show it. Like today, because Ginny sort of requested it…

Scrolling through my February pictures, I realized that I did have a few more recent photos of litter. Things that did seem extraordinary enough to pass through my general “ugliness filter”…



Yes, things can be found in the river which don’t belong there.



Yes, empty bottles get dumped also in other places than the river. This one caught my attention, because on that day I was out “exploring”, hoping to find signs of spring… Hmm…

I bent down – ouch – and took the photo, continued my walk… Stopped. Turned back.  Picked up the (empty) bottle and carried it to a glass recycling container. (Had just struck me that I’d be passing by one anyway.) Still felt kind of awkward just walking that short distance holding it. (Never did a lot of exploring of alcohol. Prefer tea!)



On closer look I could understand why the person who dropped half an orange might not have been too keen to pick it up… Yuck.



  1. Now even I would think twice about taking the last image........I enjoyed this set.

  2. It is a shame that people are so lazy and thoughtless with their littering ... they seem to think that rivers and the ocean are a place to dump their garbage ... out of sight, out of mind.
    They don't ever think that our rivers and oceans are alive with many life forms and we depend on that water to be unpolluted to keep us alive, it is not a renewable resource.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. i love all of these, and i do take photos like this, my eyes seek different things and it amazes me what great photos trash can make. the bike tells a story by itself. i really like that one a lot. good girl carrying that bottle to the recycle bin, hope no one sneaked a shot of you. ha ha

  4. Thanks so much, Monica!! Wow, when I made that comment, little did I know the great litter photos you have. You have elevated litter to art, my dear. Really. That bike under water is fantastic!! The photo should be hung somewhere. Well, it just represents so many things, doesn't it? A life not going anywhere, dreams drowned, etc. And the vodka is too hilarious, since you were exploring!! I would have liked to see you walking around holding that empty bottle! You need to take more litter pictures!


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