Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cherry Blossom Trees



There are more of these cherry blossom trees to be seen at my other blog: Beyond the Lone Islands/Weekend Reflections. Aren’t they just gorgeous? I just can’t stop myself from taking more pictures every time I pass them, even though I know I already have lots of them!

This post here I had intended to link to ‘Skywatch Friday’; but the Skywatch post for this week seems to still be missing after the Blogger crash. Never mind, perhaps some of my regular followers will find my post anyway! ;)


Please scroll down or follow the link for my ‘Friday My Town’ post, which was also posted late because of the Blogger crash.


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! i agree! i would do the same thing, they scream for the camera lens to find them. i think there are some things missing from the blogger down day that we are still finding

  2. Two beautiful shots yet again......pray for a calm windless day and there is a world beater waiting here..........thank you.

  3. I love them all! When I did my cherry blossom post, I was never able to find them in pretty groups like this, only one at a time. You have your own version of our Washington, D.C. Tidal Basin!

  4. So beautiful! I love cherry blossoms!

  5. Thanks all. James, glad to note you signed up to follow.


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