Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Watery Wednesday: Immigrants





Swans or Geese? Actually these are Swan Geese – I think… They come from Siberia or China; but live in a bird sanctuary lake here in my town (in south west Sweden).



The lake is a beautiful place and serves as a sort of sanctuary to a lot of human hearts as well. Not far from here, there is a residential area where a lot of immigrants and refugees from other cultures live. On my walk around the lake, I met several women wearing veils, which indicates that they came here from some other part of the world.


  1. The lake is beautiful. What an interesting goose, it's one I haven't heard of before. Thanks for the info.

  2. a beautiful path to walk along, your watery immigrants are so handsome, and all the way from Siberia? wow

  3. Beautiful photos! I never seen that swangoose before...Have a nice day! :)

  4. Very nice photos. I have not seen like swangoose too I even don't know how to pin point the swan from the goose ^_^.

    Tulips Festival

  5. Såå vackra bilder!

    Den sista bilden är jättefin och den berättar en historia vilket blir ett extra plus!

  6. good thing these ducks don't need a visa.:p
    this is a beautiful lake--great photos.

  7. Wow! Swan Geese are really rare, that's what your link said. You did a beautiful job linking the human and bird immigrants!! I have never seen or heard of these birds, my favorite picture is the one of the Swan Goose walking into the water, and the reflection. You got some really good close-up shots so I can get a good look at them!!

  8. what a beautiful place to take walks. and interesting that they are called swan geese!! lol

  9. Such a lovely public area for both swan geese and humans!


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