Friday, 13 May 2011

Out Of Touch…

It’s Friday evening, and Blogger has been down all day. It just seems to have come back on, but my lost Thursday posts are not back yet. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how it goes before I try to repost anything, or to publish new photo posts. (Thankful for Windows Live Writer which enables me to save drafts locally…)

Earlier today Blogger had this message up on Twitter:

"To get Blogger back to normal all posts since 7:37am PT on Wed 5/11 have been temp removed. We expect everything to be back to normal soon"

A few hours later there was another Twitter message to say that they had started to restore the messages that had been removed.

Just now Blogger seems to be back on, but not the posts from yesterday that they had to remove – and on top of that, now their Twitter page (or even all of Twitter?) seems to have gone down. So I don’t trust that they’ve quite got things under control yet… ;)

In spite of still having internet access, and email, and Facebook, I have felt strangely “cut off from the world” today!

Hope to “see you” all again soon!



  1. Have a nice weekend, Monica! And thanks for all the info!!

  2. Yes it has been frustrating to be locked out of our own blogs, not being able to comment. Blogger was off air for most of yesterday here.
    Yes you do get a feeling of being 'cut off from the world' and your blogger friends. I did a post this afternoon but had many problems so I wonder if they have managed to 'fix' everything yet, I doubt it from past experience with them.
    Good luck, I hope your post returns soon.
    xoxoxo ♡


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