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Friday My Town – Hospital

2011-05-13 Hospital

I have a long and complex ‘relationship’ with the hospital in my town, having worked there as well as been a patient. I still go there twice a week, most of the year, for exercises in the heated Rehab pool. I don’t usually bring the camera on these visits, but this week I did – having this theme in mind!

In the first collage you see the present main entrance (top left), the old entrance (bottom left), and the separate Rehab building (bottom right). As you can see, the hospital keeps being added to and rebuilt – and in different styles. It seems to be a never-ending job.

 2011-05-13 Hospital1

In this collage you have the Emergency entrance (bottom left), the helicopter landing space right across the road from there (top left), the newest hospital wing (top right), and a walkway behind the Rehab building.

2011-05-13 Hospital3

These birds made of glass hover over the modern entrance hall. There is quite a lot of art in the hospital corridors. I’ve been thinking many times that some day I should bring the camera and just go exploring; with no other purpose in mind. But somehow I never get round to it! (On my regular visits I usually either have too much stuff to carry, or too many other things on my mind...)

2011-05-13 Hospital2

Downstairs from the entrance hall, there is a hospital museum. Serves to remind you that not everything was better in “the good old days”, I suppose… ;)

The last picture is a view through the window on one of the top floors, taken last summer when I was there as visitor. That was in July, so a deeper shade of green than we have now. The yellowish big building (just to the right of the middle) houses a rehab facility too but connected to ‘primary’ health care, and not part the hospital.


  1. this is really really good Monica. you covered it all. I like the entrance with the glass roof and birds a lot. do go take the art. your town has so much art everywhere, we have hardly any here. i enjoy all your statues and pieces of art. also like the museum shot. that is some hospital. i did not even think about doing the buildings, great idea. i did not participate because i was thinking PEOPLE and ai dont do people shots.

  2. Great post. Love the last shot with the museum items. Yikes! also love the birds above the entrance. How fab to have artworks in the hospital, a few paintings on corridor walls is all we have. Also love your spring shots above. I never tires of taking photos of spring blossoms either!

  3. great tribute to the hospitals in your town. the museum pieces are very intimidating! glad the medical field and hospitals are always evolving.

  4. This week was a bad week for lots of bloggers. Your photos are great. It rained here and I did not get out to get new pics so just used some in my archives. We have a new hospital too and it is full of art. That seems to be a new trend in care for the entire mind, body and spirit.


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