Saturday, 7 May 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday: Half-hidden Oasis


On the outskirts of busy town life, there is a half-hidden oasis called Ålgården: originally an old mill, then water works, then museum, and now artists’ gallery and workshops. I already showed some views from there on my other blog, for Weekend Reflections. But since I took a lot of photos, why not give you an expanded tour of the place here, and show some of the other buildings as well.

This is also where I saw the Orange Tip Butterfly in the previous post.




I don’t know the original purpose of this little tower.
Some sort of pump house, perhaps?





Views from the other side of the river:





  1. this is a place i would love to see and wander in and sit in and just plain love to be in it. i like the tall part of the building in the first shot. i am glad you showed us the rest of your photos, i sat and stared at each one, so much detail it boggles the mind. i really like the one where the white church is hidden in the lacy trees. i can't pick a favorite they are all wonderful.

  2. Itlooks an interesting place and you've done it justice. We have a lot of Orange Tips here this year. Odd how i saw only half a dozen all last year but am seeing that number a day now.

  3. Sandra it's not a church although the windows make it look like one. It's the old mill which is now an art exhibition hall.

  4. What a lovely, peaceful place! Marvelous shadow shots for the day! I'm glad the old mill was saved and what great museum! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!!


  5. I would love to walk around there! Pictures 5 and 7 are my favorite, but I adore the little round hpuse!! Kids would love to play in it. I can already imagine fixing it up as a playhouse.

  6. I'd love to live in the white church; such lovely shaped windows. Beautiful environs!

  7. I am in love with that little pumphouse. How I would love to wander this place. It is like something from a fairy tale.

  8. oh this is a heavenly place
    I love red brick so I adore the buildings

  9. The fifth shot with the reflections and wonderful air of tranquility is just lovely! Looks like a fantastic place to visit and wander.

  10. O what a pretty place to wander! Scenic and serene! Love both the old buildings and the stunning reflections!

  11. Oh my never ever cease to have the best blog posts! And this is so sublime and rich in beauty. Love it.

    Sand Shadows and Seaweed

    Above is my link to today's post, if you care to join me. Happy Sunday.

  12. What a beautiful, green and peaceful place, you find the most beautiful locations to photograph. Love it!

    xoxoxo ♡

  13. I would love to take a stroll around here. Gorgeous!

  14. What a great place for you and your camera! I love the structures.


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