Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Garden Shed


(This photo has been edited with artistic effects in Paint Shop Pro X.)

To see more RED go to Ruby Tuesday


  1. A superb bit of processing. I must have a go at this effect. Thank you.

  2. This looks way to familiar?!!

    Here is my Tuesday Link:
    Face in the Barroom Floor

    I'd really like to have you stop by if you can. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  3. Nice shot!! Just remind me to prepare our tools too. Time to clean the yard and do some gardening. ^_^
    Red Barn

  4. Fantastic captures. Reminds me of to do my gardening today. Hope you can visit my Ruby Tuesday page here.

  5. i see lots of things in that shed that i like. the wine bottle in the basket for one. i like the edit, it makes a beautiful photo of an ordinary shed and that is what i like.

  6. This is lovely, did you arrange the stuff to look like that or is that the way they were stored? It is quite artistic. It that your father's shed on his property?

  7. the texture and definition you added is wonderful!

  8. Wonderful Texture work!
    Glad to have found/followed you...


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