Saturday, 7 May 2011

Orange Tip Butterfly




DSCN3425-1    DSCN3426-1

Orange Tip – Anthocharis cardamines – Aurorafjäril

These photos are rather blurry and heavily cropped, but I decided to post them anyway, because it is the first time I’ve ever seen this butterfly! It was very small and it didn’t let me get close enough for a proper macro shot. With its wings folded it became almost invisible. When I saw it I didn’t have clue what it might be, but I managed to find it on the internet when I got back home.




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  2. Sorry about the delete, I really shouldn't comment this late at night. What I meant to say was I have never seen this type of butterfly before, he is a really beauty. Great capture.

  3. We don't recall seeing this type of butterfly either. Thanks for sharing him.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  4. Orange-tips are quite hard to photograph. The males (with the orange tips) always rest with the wings closed. The females have black and white upper surfaces to the wings - no orange - but have the same cryptic green and white underwing colouration. They are very common here in the UK in spring.

  5. butterflies and birds are hard for me to capture. I am not quick enough I guess. he is unusual looking!

  6. i am glad you posted him, he is amazing. i have not seen one like this either. our yard is filling up with butterflies now, 4 of our 6 different kind have shown up.

  7. What a beauty! Never seen one here.


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