Monday, 2 May 2011

Mosaic Monday: Spring Tulips

2011-04-26 spring1

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  1. You excel at these, sharp as sharp and no blow out. and in sunlight as well. The right hand image is a real do you do it? I will have a go at blurry and blown like my birds. have a wonderful month.

  2. brilliant colors and photos. i love yellow flowers, they make me think of sunshine and happiness

  3. Thanks Adrian. My little Nikon Coolpix and I both like a nice, tall, steady flower in good light and within comfortable reach! Chasing after flying birds on the other hand... that's not for us... An occasional mallard, perhaps; but that's about it ;)

  4. Your pictures are STUNNING!!! They say everything about spring! They are fancy tulips, too!

  5. What an awesome mosaic. The colors are drop dead gorgeous. The macro is wonderful. The blend of yellows and creams are lovely.


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