Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday My Town: Grandparents’ Day

The Friday My Town Shoot Out theme this week is either Grandparents’ Day or Patriot Day (September 11).

We don’t have a special Grandparents’ Day in Sweden; neither do we have a Patriot Day (even if September 11 and the events in New York 10 years ago will no doubt be commemorated in the media here too).

I did, however, have grandparents. And as they lived in or near the town that is now My Town, that should qualify them for this post ;)

I cannot, of course, take credit for the original photos, though…

DSCN0814_Gunborg_o_Hugo_brollop-1    IMG_0002_Gustaf_o_Sally_brollop-1

Left: My maternal grandparents, married 1928.
Right: My paternal grandparents, married 1930.

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If you want to read a bit more about them,
there will be an extended post in my other blog,
Beyond the Lone Islands.

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  1. These are wonderful photos!! I don't think I have any wedding pictures of my grandparents, wish I did. I'm looking at those veils and are the men wearing white gloves? We have grandparents day here, an I think it is coming up!

  2. I love old photographs, it's good to see these in such good condition.

  3. The class in both photos is not found in today's world. These are wonderful!!

  4. These are wonderful photos to remind the next generations of their love ones.

  5. I love the photographs of older times, these are beautiful dear Dawn, the couples look so elegant in their fine clothes and accessories.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Ah ha, I see your paternal grandparents were married around the same time as my maternal grandparents. The fashions of the day were the same!

    Maybe one of these days I will get a scanner and be able to show their photos! Love yours!

  7. love these shots Monica. great memories. I have posted for Patriot Day.


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