Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday My Town: ‘T’

This week’s theme for the My Town Shoot Out is the letter T.


Tortoiseshell butterflies on Thistles

For those who don’t follow my blog regularly… We had quite an
overwhelming invasion of the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly
in ‘my’ Butterfly Park at the beginning of September.

In spite of mostly rain and wind since then, there seems to
be at least two or three dozen of them still hanging around...
(The sun came out for a while yesterday, so I went to check!)




Temptations displayed in the window of my favourite Tea Shop.

Last Saturday I took part in a local photo marathon in my town.
One of the ten themes given was one word that can be translated
into English as ‘Temptation’. My choice to represent this
theme was these bowls of tea blends with exotic names:
… Tristan and Isolde … Lovers’ Dream …
… (One) Thousand and One Nights …



  1. fine job on the T today. I am happy to see your butterflies are still hanging around, and those purple flowers are wonderful.

  2. Nice to see the butterflies. I didn't see many this year and that was sad!

  3. I love these huge bowl and the bread I don't mind eating them the whole day hahaha. Happy weekend Dawn. ^_^


  4. Your tea shop looks super, and I really want to go now!! The breads and the tempting blends, but even more, those delightful large mugs and bowl like saucers!!! I would buy them all!! Next time you go, perhaps you could inquire where they got them, perhaps I could order them online somewhere? So pretty and perfect for tea, coffee, or even soup! Can you tell I'm a shopper? Again, beautiful butterflies!

  5. The butterfly is lovely but for me, the thistles do it! Love your temptation shot!

  6. That lovers dream, does the tea work?

  7. I am with Ann, does that tea work? send me some!! lol I like the last shot and the names go right along with the theme.


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