Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent Calendar – Monday 5th December 2011

5_2011-11-29 Angel Collage

“Never run faster than your guardian angels can fly.”
(source unknown)


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  1. I like that. Presumably though angels can fly at the speed of thought.

  2. this is good news because at my age i can't out run anything, especially an angel. what was in this store

  3. Det bor en ängel i ditt rum
    hon har den vackraste av själar
    hon är kärlek och hopp
    Jättefin mosaik. Ha en bra vecka.

  4. Sandra, this is from a shop which is part gift shop, part Christian book shop. It used to have the books in the front room and a few knick-knacks in the back room. Nowadays it is the other way round... For some reason, while classic theology is not so much in demand these days, angels seem to have become increasingly popular. At least for decorative purposes!

  5. Beautiful words and I like that angel too.


  6. I know that quote very well. My son's guardian angel was doing his job this spring when the enormous oak tree fell right beside him while he was asleep.


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